Brazil, Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Spain, India, Russia, Indonesia, Myanmar, United States (New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas), Canada, Costa Rica, Norway, Stockholm, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Finland, Amsterdam, London, Austria, Czech Republic and, last but not least, MEXICO.


We have travelled all through those countries gaining a whole new different experience. We live each route we taste every experience. We connect with people, we appreciate all cultures, we enjoy the local gastronomy and we immerse ourselves in the history of every place we arrive to. Everything we live enriches our travelling memories. We love the world.

Alone or accompanied, touring or at our own pace, either travelling with friends or family, by ship, airplane, car, hot air balloon or by helicopter, we have energized ourselves in order to reach this point: presenting Mexico as the richest and most fascinating country, and we know how to prove it.

We are two Mexican women who love their country. We don’t like stereotypes, so we have discovered great and exciting places where flavors, smiles and culture have turned out to be as fascinating as the most extraordinary place in the whole world.

When you travel in an ordinary tour, there is not adequate time to admire the surroundings, nor to interact with the local people. There is no time to create memories and to live new experiences. The tours often feel cold and impersonal. People wander through cold and fixed places. There are no opportunities for one on one conversations that go off the tours script. Time escapes. Surprises vanish. In our tours, we understand that it is possible to merge the creation of experiences with the route, so we design routes where people can admire, taste, fraternize, discover, meet and understand history without forgetting a place’s roots, alleys and mysteries. We want to understand the heart of each place we go to.